Bookends- Form As Well As Function

Ever since there have been books, there’s been a need for something to hold them – whether upright, or stacked on a shelf, or even a jar which has been found to contain parchment scrolls. Back in the day when we were in college, a rock or an old coffee pot may have served the purpose well enough, but as we get older and are able to add to our book collections, and perhaps even have a library of our own, looking after and storing our precious reading material has become more important than ever.

There are so many types of books and their bookends (some matching and some entirely decorative or off in a genre of their own), that matching a beautiful photo book or first edition, or just a best selling thriller, with a lovely pair of bookend, is a unique idea for gifting to someone special. It will make any birthday or holiday or other special occasion even better, if someone can get a book and a coordinating pair of bookends as a present.

Animals are always popular for children or adults. Matching a book about elephants, for instance, with a pair of reclining, Indian elephants, done in metal with patina, and on top of a piece of burlwood, would make a perfect gift for someone who loves Asia and all of its flora and fauna. Another bronzed and stretching pair of cats done on a white marble base would go great with a book about Ancient Egypt. There are also many styles of bird bookends you can find and one depicting golden eagles would be wonderful for someone, along with a classic Audubon book.

Whether the person you are thinking about loves bears (what about Winnie The Pooh for children?), dogs (Old Yeller is a classic), or even frogs (any number of books about princesses and their frog princes, or a superb classic for children — The Wind in the Willows) would make a fantastic gift, along with the appropriate set of bookends done in resin, or wood, or bronze, or wood, or any number of materials. You can stack, after wrapping separately, the set of bookends on top of the book and then tie with a fancy ribbon. Now, that’s a gift that anyone will remember for a very long time!